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Regulations for Kilkenny Cup
Sporting Trial Nov 29th

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Results for the MCI Championship Motorcycle Trial 19th Oct 2014
Results for the Noonan Cup Sporting Trial 18th Oct 2014 Here
Results for the Rhodes Cup Sporting Trial 20th Sept 2014 Here
Results for the MEC Sprint Weekend 16th & 17th August 2014 Here
Results for the Motor Cycle Trial 17th August 2014 Here
Results for the Southern Centre Motorcycle trial 18th May 2014 Here
Results for the Jenkins Cup Sporting trial 26th Apr 2014 Here

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MI 7th Nov 2014 Motor Sport Bulletin

Latest Sporting Trial Grading

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Welcome to the Motor Enthusiasts Club Website. It is hard to believe that August 2014 marks the 60th Anniversary of our club with some of our original members still taking an active role in the running of the club.

Over the past 60 years the club has run all kinds of Motorsport related events from Motorcycle trials in the beginning to all manner of car events including Sporting trials, Rallies, Race Meetings, Autocross, Autotests,  Hillclimbs and 4x4 trials.

Today we still run Motorcycle trials and in 1995 we had the pleasure of hosting a round of The World Trials Championship on the Sugarloaf in Co.Wicklow.

We also have a full calender of car events with many of the original events still being run.

If you feel that any of these might be of interest to you then maybe you would consider joining our ranks. All of these events need helpers and I guarantee we will find you a job that will whet your appetite for things mechanical. Feel free to contact us and maybe you too could be part of the M.E.C’s future history.

Scott Milligan


MEC Calendar for 2014

Jan 4th Freeman Cup Sporting Trial
Feb 23rd Freeman Cup Autotest
Mar 29th Devereux Cup Sporting Trial
Apr 26th Jenkins Cup Sporting Trial
May 18th Montrose Cup Motorcycle Trial
Jun 8th MEC Car Races Mondello Park
Jun 29th Balfe Cup Moorcycle Trial
Aug 16-17th Sprint Weekend
Aug 17th Stanley Woods Motorcycle Trail
Sept 20th Rhodes Cup Sporting Trial
Oct 18th Noonan Cup Sporting Trial
Nov 16th MCI Motorcycle Trial
Nov 29th Kilkenny Cup Sporting Trial
Dec 7th Mondello Rallysprint
Dec 28th Christmas Motorcycle Trial

PRESS RELEASE from the Sporting Car Trials Committee 

The Sporting Car Trials Committee have just received approval to issue 1 day junior clubman competition licences to applicants aged between 10 and 14, subject to the applicants passing the attached evaluation test of competency.  An analysis indicates that there are approximately 10 parties who are interested in and eligible for the test. 

The first such evaluation test has been arranged for 11am on Saturday 30/8/2014 at Gallows Hill, Newcastle, Co Wicklow by kind permission of Mr. King. (Leave M11 at Junction 13 for Newcastle and take the R772 for approx 1km towards Newcastle and look for an arrow on your left for the gate into the venue). Regulations for this event will be posted on the MEC website at the beginning of August.

Applicants must be accompanied at all times in their trials car by their parent or guardian who must hold a valid competition licence.  Due to the probable difference in size between the regular adult driver and the junior applicant, it may be necessary to make temporary adjustments to the pedals, seat, seat belt etc.  Two trials drivers, Tony Wilson (087-2577368) and Paul Needham (086-8577808) are available to provide advice and assistance. There will be a safety check before commencing the evaluation test to ensure the applicant is a good fit and can comfortably operate the controls.

For more information contact the phone numbers or web sites on page 3 of the evaluation test form.

                                                                                                                  From                      The Sporting Car Trials Committee
July 2014

Derek Daly Racing Helmet
Pictures from the 'Evening With Derek & Conor Daly'
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