MCI Championship Motorcycle Trial – Postponed

Hi all,

I have regrettably decided that we will have to postpone this event until later in the year, when hopefully it will be a bit easier. The Club is not prepared to put on an event this weekend, and put pressure on riders and officials to travel outside of County Dublin, particularly as it would be a Championship event. Roger has also told me he is having serious difficulty getting Observers (he currently has 3), which is at least partly due to the ongoing Covid situation, and also the fact that Dublin residents are almost guaranteed to be told later today that they are not allowed to leave the county. While the chance of catching Covid from someone at a Trial is pretty remote, I would not be willing to take a chance on contravening the government recommendations. I hope riders will understand that this decision has been taken in the best interests of riders and officials, and I apologise for the delay in coming to a decision. This is due mainly to trying to get the official government advice, which is still not finalised, and probably won’t be published until this evening. There is possibly a bigger question to be asked regarding whether Championship events should be held at all for the next while, as it is likely that a variety of travel restrictions will be imposed in various areas as the virus numbers change, but that will have to be dealt with by the Trials Committee, and Motorcycling Ireland/Sport Ireland.

Hope to see you all soon, all the best,