Motorsport Ireland has launched an Early Event Entry Incentive Scheme for 2020. Anyone that enters an MI event at least one week before the date of an event will be included in a draw to receive their entry fee back. Each event will offer one free entry, meaning we will be offering over 160 free entries in the coming year.

The scheme will operate as follows:

• On the Monday preceding an MI permitted event, each motor club running an event will send, by email to Motorsport Ireland, a list of all paid entry entries received by the organising clubs early closing deadline (Friday of week before event for MEC Sporting Trials).

• MI will conduct a draw that same day, for a free entry for each event that weekend. By close of business on Monday the MI office will notify the club(s) which competitor has won the draw for their event, and the club(s) can communicate that to the winning competitor. The winners will also be published on the MI website every Monday.

• The cost of the winning entry will be deducted from event returns and the club will refund the competitor directly after the event.

• The winner must start the event they have entered to claim their prize.

• Should an event be cancelled following the draw, the result will be declared null and void. If an event is postponed and runs at a later date, a new draw will be held and the first draw disregarded.

• The prize is non-transferrable, and no competitor may win more than 1 free entry in a single discipline.