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A Rallysprint is essentially a simplified rally stage which is usually held in a single location with a repeated course. Drivers are given a familiarisation lap prior to being timed on a number of laps of the stage. The event usually consists of three stages, each of three laps of the course. The times for each stage are added together to give the final time. The total quickest time wins the event/class. If a driver does not complete a stage for any reason a penalty time of 15 minutes applies.

The stage is a combination of tarmac and off road / gravel which tests the drivers and vehicles to the extreme. Putting in a good time is not an easy task.


Any Rally type car can take part in a Rallysprint, however in order to compete and score points a vehicle must adhere to the requirements of the Motorsport Ireland Yearbook Appendix 29.1 Technical Regulations. All cars are checked on the day by the appointed Scrutineers, who can decide to reject any entry which does not meet the rules.



Rallysprint in Mondello Park 07/12/14 Results

Attached are the results of the MEC Rallysprint held in Mondello Park on the 7th of December 2014. Many thanks to all those who came out to assist in the organisation and running of the event Results Here

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